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Best Practices

More than 95% of your visitors don't convert into either sales or registrations - they abandon your website. We are here to bring them back. That's why the button position on your website is of high importance - people need to see it and understand it quite easily. Here's how some of our clients are leveraging their button position.

The 3 golden rules for the button position:

  • Be next to the 'Price' or the 'Add to Cart';
  • Always immediately visible on the product page without scrolling;
  • Ensure it is visible for all screen sizes: mobile, tablet and desktop, including smaller browser windows.

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Promote the button

To ensure high usage rates and maximizing your sales with Followprice, your visitors, clients and community should be aware that your store has this new feature. Now they can follow your products, its price and its availability! Here are the 3 steps for the button promotion:

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Load a banner to your website

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Send a Newsletter

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Promote on Social Networks

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